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Protecting narrow interests
Trump: Abolish Dodd Frank Banking Regulations

The Dodd Frank regulations were passed after banking deregulation and excessive risk taking by the banking sector led to financial meltdown where mDonald Trump illions of people lost their jobs, billions of dollars in retirement savings were lost, millions lost their homes, housing prices fell 31.8%, credit dried up, a large number of borrowers defaulted on their loans, the stock market crashed and trillions of dollars in wealth were lost.

The crisis threatened to sink the whole globe into another great depression.

"Financial reform is working a lot better than anyone listening to the news media would imagine," said Dr. Paul Krugman, a Nobel Prize recipient in economics, Princeton professor and New York Times columnist in an interview with Salon magazine.

In his New York Times column, Dr. Krugman wrote, "Dodd-Frank actually has put a substantial crimp in the ability of Wall Street to make money hand over fist. It doesn't go far enough, but it's significant enough to have bankers howling, which is a good sign."

Protecting narrow interests
Trump Says He's for Free Trade 100 Percent


Nuclear is horrific
Trump and Nuclear Weapons


Not a populist
Trump Lied About Providing On-Site Childcare to Workers


Not a populist
Trump Against Paid Family Leave

When Fox Business News ased Trump about paid family leave, he said, "Well, it's something that's being discussed. I think we have to keep our country very competitive so you have to be careful of it."

The United States is the only developed country not to offer paid family leave.

Oh! The suffering that would follow
Trump: Repeal Obamacare


Not a populist
Trump Blasts Labor Unions


Hot headed and revengeful
Trump and His Companies are Involved, or Have Been Involved, in 3,500 Lawsuits

According to USA Today newspaper, Donald Trump has sued 1,900 companies or individuals and he or his companies have been sued 1,300 times.

"His companies have been involved in more than 100 tax disputes, and the New York State Department of Finance has obtained liens on Trump properties for unpaid tax bills at least three dozen times, said USA Today's Nick Penzenstadler and Susan Page.

The newspaper said he has been sued for failing to pay lawyers, real estate developers and more.

Three lawsuits, including two class action lawsuits, have been filed by 150 students of Trump's now defunct Trump University. Many of these claim in their affidavits that their education at the school was "worthless."

He has sued gambling casinos, demanding that they remove his name, for their failure to maintain the "highest standards of luxury and success."

Trump often sues journalists.

Trump's a classic republican, not a liberal.
Trump Would Hold Back Our Transition To Renewable Energy

Living dangerously
Trump Advcates Fracking (a Method of Producing Natural Gas)

in a speech, Trump said in a speech in New York, "If they fracked in New York, New York would lower its taxes, would have no debt. and would have made a fortune."

But it is becoming scientific consensus that as the fracking process punctures through a long strata of shale rock and injects about 5 million gallons of fracking fluid into the rock, that faults are lubricated, making them easer to slip, leading to earthquakes, according to Dr. Anthony Ingraffea, a professor of engineering at Cornell University in Ithica, New York.

He said, "The faults in Texas, Ohio, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Colorado had been stable for in some cases eons. But the rapid expansion of the use of fracking ... and the injecton of waste from fracking, both have now been fingered by science, by excellent scientists reporting in peer reviewed journals, as causing human induced seismicity."

A city called Poland Township in Ohio experienced 77 earthquakes between March 4 - 12, 2014.

Oklahoma had not seen earthquakes in 100 years, but fracking began in 2008. In the year 2015, Oklahoma experienced 5,000 earthquakes.

Fracking is also widely reported to contaminate water supplies with hazardous chemicals.

There are marvelous renewable sources of energy we should be investing in rather than fracking.

Would spoiling our beaches
Trump Cozy With Big Oil


Nature is dying.
Trump Would Wage War Against Wetlands

Shocking and radical
Trump: Drastically Weaken the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)


May we have compassion
Ironically, Trump Would Probably Increase the Abortion Rate

Trump says he would defund Planned Parenthood because the organization funds abortions.

But if we defund planned parenthood, it would hurt low-income women who often need low cost health care.

Moreover, "decreased access to Planned Parenthood's contraception services could increase the rate of unwanted pregnancies and possibly cause a spike in abortions," says Leighton Ku, Director of the Center for Health Policy Research at George Washington University.

Not a populist
Trump: Get Rid of the Minimum Wage


Trump Says He Would Cut the Taxes of the Rich


Helping the rich at worker's expense
Trump Tax Cuts Would Cost Jobs


Can't be trusted to raise revenue
Does Donald Trump Like Taxes on the Rich?

A USA TODAY analyst said, "Trump's businesses have been involved in at least 100 lawsuits and other disputes related to unpaid taxes or how much tax his businesses owe.

"Trump's companies have been engaged in battles over taxes almost every year from the late 1980s until as recently as March, the analysis of court cases, property records, and other documents across the country shows."

"At least five Trump companies were issued warrants totaling more than $13,000 for late or unpaid taxes in New York state just since Trump declared his candidacy in June 2015."

He is in a war against taxes, So I doubt we can trust him to raise revenue on the rich?

A radical Agenda
Trump: Do Away With the Department of Education

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump says the U.S. government made $41 billion profit offering student loans in the year 2013.

To most of us, that sounds WONDERFUL. But not to Trump.

"That's probably one of the only things the government shouldn't make money off -- I think it's terrible that one of the only profit centers we have is student loans," Trump said in an interview with The Hill. He said that college students are "swimming in these loans."

In fact, Trump says he wants to do away with the Department of Education.

I guess that will mean no more forbearance, forgiveness and income sensitive lower payments.

On the private heartless market, what will happen if a graduate gets no job?

Finally, what about the education standards now promoted by the Dept. of Education? "The landmark 'A Nation at Risk' report in 1983 shows why we needed the Dpartment of Education. It revealed that many locally controlled districts were letting students wander through their school years with few if any rigorous courses in math, science, literature or history," reported the New York Times.

May we live in harmony with all people
Trump Advocated War Against Libya


May we live in harmony with all people
Trump: Take Out the Families of ISIS

"The other thing with the terrorists is you have to take out their families, when you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families. They care about their lives, don't kid yourself. When they say they don't care about their lives, you have to take out their families," Trump said on Fox and Friends.

He also said he would "knock the hell out of" ISIS."

Killing women, children, babies, old people and men not on a battlefield would not only be shocking to the imagination, but would be war crimes and a violation of international law -- The Geneva Convention.

Keep in mind that the Geneva Convention is a treaty. Article 6 of the U.S. Constitution makes a treaty "Supreme Law of the Land" and says "the judges of every state shall be bound thereby."

Would Trump be a war hawk? In one interview, Trump said, "I am good at war. I like war."

He says he was against the war in Iraq, but on one youtube video, he said when Iraq was attacked, "the good people smiled" and said Bush should take the oil.

Also keep in mind that he seems to have an extremely revengeful character thinking about the 1,900 times he has sued other individuals or companies.

Not our problem
The Humane Way to Deal With ISIS (ISIL)

Iran and other Muslim countries feel threatened by ISIS because they want one big Muslim country with no borders since the Koran calls for the caliphate from one end to the other.

Then of course, their Koran calls for them to kill those fighting against their Islamic State, so Christisns get slaughtered.

It is not that they are evil. Many of them are very devout and even memorize the Koran. But people can get really mixed up on religion.

I am not condoning their terrorism, or ours.

I think the humane solution is to do what the USA did back when the American Indians were fighting the settlers. We put them in reservations.

To gather them up, drones could be used to dispense a gas that puts them to sleep.

The members of ISIS could live there in good conditions with their families their entire lives, unable to leave. They could help them have farms with orchards and help them establish businesses and do trade with them.

Killing them is evil. Jesus said we are to love our enemies.

For those of you who are war hawks, keep in mind that war is very costly in blood and treasure.

When all the bills are paid, including disability payments and pensions, we will have spent $3.3 trillion in Iraq in the war against Sadam Houssain, according to Nobel Prize recipient Dr. Joseph Stiglitz, a professor at Columbia University and Dr. Linda Bilmes, a professor at Harvard.

Trump said he would "knock the hell out of ISIS" and that he would also "take out their families."

I believe the reason America intervenes so much in the Middle East is because muslims are socialists.

A radical Agenda
Can We Trust Trump That He Won't Privatize Social Security?


May we live in harmony with all people
Trump: Ban Muslims From the Country

Donald Trump is calling for a commission on banning Muslims from this country.

A president has to work well with people of all countries and respect them.

He also needs to be an example to us of living in harmony, with respect, with other peoples of the world.

An extremely radical agenda
The Republican Agenda

Republicans Blocked Increases in the Fuel Efficiency Standards, Year After Year

Republicans Fight Renewable Energy

Republicans Block Minimum Wage Increases

Jim Hightower: GOP Fighting EPA Mercury Regulations

Republicans and the Privatization of Social Security and Medicare

Republicans Weaken Health and Safety Protections

Republicans Privatizing Virtually Everything

Republicans Crushing the U.S. Postal Service

Have you been brainwashed?
You're Probably a Liberal and Just Don't Know It.


A party of vested interests
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says Christians Have Made Unholy Alliances With the GOP


A party of vested interests
Republicans Blocking Efforts to Deal With Surging Unemployment

The best news out there, to me, is the Pelosi Update, which is on House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's website.

Here is something from it about the vast number of times Republicans have voted against efforts to deal with our surging unemployment rate:

  • 19 times AGAINST considering critical "Make It In America" initiatives -- many of which are bipartisan -- such as strengthening U.S. innovation and leveling the playing field with China;

  • 13 times AGAINST considering efforts to prevent or discourage the shipping of American jobs overseas and to crack down on offshore tax havens and in favor of pro-outsourcing measures;

  • 19 times AGAINST considering efforts to ensure that tax cuts for the middle class and small businesses get enacted; and

  • 13 times AGAINST other parts of President Obama's American Jobs Act and considering proposals to rebuild America, like the bipartisan Senate job-creating highway and transit bill.



Weneed a nomination process
Finding the Best and Brightest in the Country to Serve as President

Here is America's backward political system:

We all stand around idle and wait until announces himself a candidate for office.

It is extraordinarily difficult to get your name on the ballot in all 52 states, so the candidate goes directly to the petroleum industry, health insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, polluters, banking barons, auto giants, agribusinesses, media giants and many other vested interests and promise to promote their corrupt agenda in exchange for astronomical sums of money.

A good way to fix this problem is to have our college professors nominate the candidates that will participate in our primaries.

It will help us end trade agreements that send jobs overseas, end war (President Carter says we invaded 50 countries since he left office), help us have much cleaner water, help bring in incentives to farm organically, help bring about single payer healthcare, lower perscription drug costs, and so much more.

I would like our Democratic Party to have various wings, with each wing putting forth a candidate that participates in the primaries.

For instance, we could have the Green Democrats, the Social Democrats and others -- each wing overseen by a prestigious governing board selected by our college professors in a secret ballot.

The Republicans could do something similiar.


It's a dirty dirty system!
The Supreme Court Directs Us to Give Free Air-Time to Candidates for Office

"Politics would be transformed beyond recognition if free air time were given to candidates.

Most countries have fixed this problem.

"The United States is the only major democratic country that does not provide some free air time to parties or candidates," said Karen O'Connor and Larry J. Sabado in the college text, "American Government: Continuity and Change."

However, the U.S. Supreme Court has given us legal counsel that can help us clean up our dirty and violent political system so we can find excellent leaders.

In Buckley vs. Valeo, the Court explained that we might interpret the "general welfare" clause of the U.S. Constitution, as a mandate to facilitate "communication by candidates with the electorate" and a mandate to free candidates "from the rigors of fundraising."

This sounds to me like a clear mandate for free air time by candidates for office.


California always leads the way.
Misunderstandings About the Citizen's United Supreme Court decision

In the Citizen's United v.Federal Election Commission Supreme Court decision, the court made it clear that the "independent" political speech of corporations is not to be "chilled."

Independent means: unallied, separate and unconnected.

But it is still not go to a candidate and offer money if, in exchange, she will sign a trade agreement. That would be bribery.

Article 2 of the U.S. Constitution says the president, vice president and all civil officers are to be removed from office for bribery.


California always leads the way.
Fixing Our Election System with Rank Choice Voting

Did you know there is a new election system in place in Oakland, California, that would allow third party candidates to participate, without spoiling the election?

Here's how it works. Let's say there are three choices in the election, Ralph Nader, Al Gore and George Bush. Let's say I want Nader -- really really want Nader. I mark my ballot this way: first choice, Nader, second choice Gore.

Then, if Nader really bombs out and gets very few votes, he is threwn out of the election and those who voted for him now get their second choice counted. My second choice was Gore, so now my vote goes to Gore instead of Nader (since Nader was threwn out.)

This way you are not threwing away your vote if you vote your heart for a third party.

My question. Can you do it with paper ballots or would you need voting machines?

Bring this about in your city!


Why the party you vote for REALLY MATTERS
The Bitter Legacy of Ronald Reagan

Part 1: Budgeting and Regulating the Financial Sector:

Part 5: IMF and World Bank Policies

Part 6: Trade Policies

Reagan's trade representative, Carlton Yeutter, bullied other countries like Japan, Korea and Taiwan into opening their markets to tobacco.

He also dismantled carefully crafted trade strategies set up to protect wages and maintain full employment.

"Reagan and George Bush set the state for the new free trade agreements that began eating away at the manufacturing base of the country," said Senator Byron L. Dorgan, D-North Dakota. "They passed the batton to President Clinton, who pursued the same strategy."

The result is that in the last 10 years, more than 50,000 factories have moved overseas to take advantage of cheap labor, according to Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Furthermore, millions of small farmers across the world have been pushed off the land.

Part 7: The Fairness Doctrine

CLICK HERE to hear biased propaganda of the rich and the need for a Fairness Doctrine.


Be alert -- not brainwashed.
The Southern Strategy

Ronald Reagan came up with the "southern strategy" -- a trick or conspiracy for how to get Christians to turn against their party and vote for Republicans, which most of them hated at that time.

I learned in a political science class that one scheme of the southern strategy was to use Jerry Falwell to draw christians to the republican tent. He attacked Jimmy Carter, a liberal -- even told lies about him, according to President Carter in his book "Keeping Faith."

By observation I can see that this southern strategy is enormous and sets out to redefine the word liberal -- wrongly associating it with sin.


Election reform
Holding Congressmen Accountable

Ralph Nader says one way to hold congressmen and congress women accountable is to require by law that each law maker's website have a link to how they voted on all issues in a clearly retrievable fashion.

I think it would also be a good idea to urge news media outlets to display voting records on their websites.



So much is at stake
Will the USA Succumb to Political A.I.D.s?

I hope the United States does not succomb to the political A.I.D.s virus.

In the A.I.D.s virus, the body does have plenty of white blood cells that are able to work and willing to work. Nonetheless, any old mold, bacteria and virus can take root in the body.

That is because the T cells that give direction to the white blood cells have been disabled.

They stand around and do nothing.

And in America, if those who give us inspiration, a solution, science, education, a warning, hope, a plan etc. are disabled due to corruption, the people will stand around and do nothing as the earth, health and so much more is destroyed.

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